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CASE: SM-151 DATE: 05/16/06 INFOSYS CONSULTING IN 2006: LEADING THE NEXT GENERATION OF BUSINESS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING There is no doubt in my mind that five years from now, the Infosys Consulting model will be the standard way of doing things where technology development is done off-site. We are one of the fastest growing IT consulting firms in the world. Our major bottlenecks right now are convincing clients to break with old habits and take a chance on a new, better model and recruiting the right people—top tier talent who understand our innovative approach and fit into our unique culture. —Steve Pratt, CEO, Infosys Consulting. In January 2006, the five managing partners of Infosys Consulting (ICI), also known to…show more content…
From 1993 through 1999, as U.S. firms gained confidence in working with Indian companies and wanted to leverage the benefits of offshoring services by taking advantage of high quality services at lower price points, Indian companies like Infosys Technologies started expanding their footprint by adding service lines. One of Infosys Technologies’ main objectives was to increase revenue through repeat business with the company’s client base. To that end, Infosys Technologies offered clients new opportunities to work with the company. Infosys Technologies expanded its service offering to include package implementation (e.g., SAP’s enterprise resource planning software), R&D, infrastructure management, system integration, testing as a service, and BPO. As the company’s menu of services expanded, its client relationships became more complex. Infosys Technologies started working with the business side of client organizations as well as the IT side in order to manage these complex organizations. Infosys Technologies saw the opportunity to enter a client relationship earlier in the lifecycle to define problems, identify solutions and then implement a solution as a natural evolution of their service offering. In 1999, Infosys Technologies, which then had

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