Case Involving A Family Business Ownership Dispute Between Two Brothers

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The Day began by me attending the civil court early on Monday, 17, August Morning at 9:00 AM to witness the processes involved with civil case proceedings. I had a selection of court rooms to choose from so I took some time to investigate from the attorney’s on which one was the most interesting case to attend. I also wanted one where there would be a long hearing to maximize the time I spend on the case (Hemming & Lockhart, 2014). Soon I was direct to a court hearing a case involving a family business ownership dispute between two brothers. The court was scheduled to be hearing evidence from both parties before moving on to call on other witnesses linked to the case. The case was based on the sale of sales without the buyer legally transferring the shares despite of having all the legal paper work and the seller claiming not to have sold his shares.
10.00AM and the magistrate walks in to the court room and all lawyers, accused, general public and spectators stand and bow to the judge in respect. He asks for the court room to be seated and is presented to case proceeding by the Magistrate Clark or monitor seated in front of the Judge. The judge took a few minutes to review the previous hearing proceeding and went through his notes before asking the prosecution lawyer to call his the main witness linked to the case. The accuser is summoned to the witness box and integrated by his own lawyer first and carefully choreographed questions are asked which allow the judge to

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