Case Involving Mr. Jones At Age 25

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This case involving Mr. Jones at age 25, was severely burned in a propane gas explosion in which he was rushed to the Burn Treatment Unit of Parkland Hospital in Dallas. When examined in the hospital he was found to have serve burns of 65 percent of his body; his face and hands had have third degree burns. In which both eyes were severely damaged. So he had to take full burn therapy that was commenced during his stay. This case raises the question whether it is right to continue the procedure with the patient receiving pain. The reason this case is important because we either have to agree or disagree with the choices made by the physician. That it is important that the physicians should be taking care of their patients and making sure they cause no harm to the patients. I will be arguing that I disagree with the physician in this case he acted unjustifiable with his patient and that he should of have performed the following action in pleasing the patient. The patient Mr. Jones at age 25 years old, had been severely burned, discharged totally blind, he barely had minimal use of his hands. He had badly scarred and had to depend on others to assist him with his personal functions. This case has the patient is discomfort and that the patient repeatedly insisted that the treatments be discontinued and that he be allowed to die. The physician ignored his demands and his wound care was continued, skin grafts performed nutritional and fluid support provided. The patient Mr. Jones

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