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| CASE: KEEP PATIENTS WAITING? NOT IN MY OFFICE | BUSN 6110/ME – OPERATIONS & PROJECT MANAGEMENT | | | CASE KEEP PATIENTS WAITING? NOT IN MY OFFICE 1. What features of the appointment scheduling system were crucial in capturing “many grateful patients”? By seeing patients at their “exact” appointment times, the patients were very grateful. It is rare that the doctor did not see the patients during their allotted time. The key to ensuring appointments remained on schedule was to book appointment realistically. By allotting the proper amount of time for each visit (this was tied to the services require) this kept the schedule on track. Patients are also given a specific time, e.g., 10:30 or 2:40 vice the…show more content…
If the late patient arrives to the office before the receptionist makes contact they are told that the doctor had to go ahead and take his other appointments and the doctor will have to squeeze them in. A note is made in the patients chart to document how late they were or if they had to be given another appointment time. No-shows are also documented in the patient’s record and on the third no show, a letter is sent to the patient reminding them that time was set aside for them and they have failed to keep three appointments. The letter cautions that in the future they will be billed for the doctor’s time. 4. Prepare a schedule starting at 9 a.m. for the following patients of Dr. Schafer: Johnny Appleseed, a splinter on his left thumb. Mark Borino, a new patient. Amar Gavhane, 102.5 degree (Fahrenheit) fever. Sarah Goodsmith, an immunization. Tonya Johnston, well-baby check-up. JJ Lopez, a new patient. Angel Ramirez, well-baby check-up. Bobby Toolright, recheck on a sprained ankle. Rebecca White, new patient. Doctor Schafer starts work promptly at 9 a.m. and enjoys taking a 15-minute coffee break around 10:15 or 10:30 a.m. Apply the priority rule that maximizes scheduling efficiency. Indicate whether or not you see an exception to this priority rule that might arise. Round up any times listed in the

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