Case: Legal Culpability

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Currently, there is a lawsuit pending in Vigo Superior Court which is alleging that negligence by a property owner contributed to the death of three people. These deaths were a result of a fire which engulfed a rental property. The lawsuit claims that both the property owner and the property agent had failed to ensure that there were functional smoke detectors installed within the home. This home was occupied by Kayla Lewis, her daughter Gabrielle, and her stepbrother Jeremiah. Gabrielle age 2, was pronounced dead at the scene amongst the early morning fire at the home. Jeremiah age 5, was transported from the scene but later died at the hospital. Gabrielle's sister Chloe age 3, and her mother Kayla were both hospitalized due to injuries sustained in the fire. Kayla made it to the hospital, but later died. In response to this incredible tragedy, surviving family members John & Michelle Lewis, Mark Dupin, and Brian Cunningham filed a lawsuit. According to the Fire Chief who had responded to the scene, on the night of the fire there were no working smoke detectors within the home. In the lawsuit, it was claimed that the landlord had an obligation to ensure that smoke detectors were not only installed in the home, but also were installed in the appropriate areas of the home. It also claimed a responsibility of the landlord to have installed these smoke detectors in the appropriate areas, coinciding with the time at which the property's lease was signed. Specifically, the
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