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Claims management is a vital component of how a business will remain it successful in an ever changing market. Claims management can be simply defined as the transactional handling of a company 's insurance claims (Company). Merely understanding how to file a claim with an insurance provider is not what claims managers do. Claims managers go far beyond just filing a claim; companies such as Insurica are protectors of company’s profit and public image. Insurica is an insurance management network that works as a Third Party Administrator (TPA). Companies hire Insurance Management Networks such as Insurica to understand the complex intricacies of businesses to expose mistaken claims. Those overlooked risk include opportunities that have a…show more content…
However claims management is actually simple to understand. Claims management is the practice of handling claims made by insurance company clients. Many people make insurance claims every day. In fact approximately 6 billion insurance claims are filed each year (Federal Bureau of Investigation). The responsibilities of claims managers can fluctuate greatly depending on what type of insurance policies their company’s offer, The United States Department of Labor database Occupational Safety and Hazzard clarifies the general responsibilities of a claims manager,” responsible for the overall management and direction of all administrative matters pertaining to compensation for injury and claims related activities (other than injury) for an incident” (United States Department of Labor). Claims manager are overseers of risk management in the prevention of incidents and loss of company funds. To do this claims managers are in constant contact with an employer’s Incident Safety Officer, Liaison Officer, or a Company Human Resource Manager (United States Department of Labor). The role of a claims manager also includes common management responsibilities such as supervising other members of staff, overseeing insurance sales, and dealing with any complaints relating to the sales staff (Claims). To be a successful claims manager one must have a bachelor’s degree to enter into
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