Case Manager Interview

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Case Manager Interview
Case Manager: Merventine Scott
Organization: Family and Youth Services

Assessment and reassessment
1. When clients are referred to your organization, what process or procedure is followed to assess your client (such as psychological, social, medical, et cetera)?
When clients are referred to Family and Youth Services an initial assessment is performed, which includes information on a clients demographics, residential status, income, insurance coverage, mental or medical history, and main reason for seeking service. The process also includes an overview of different areas of need such as shelter, food, safety, and health care.
2. What steps do you take to stay up to date on current services or changes in
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What is the framework for each stage?
The first stage is being patient; take the time to listen to the client to build rapport and trust. From listening to the client you can understand what the issues are and how much insight and maturity they have, their support system, and any other information to develop a client/case manager relationship. In the second stage we assist the client in identifying their goals and develop hope that their problems can be solved. The third stage is when the case manager discusses with the client what they are willing to do to meet their goals and help them choose strategies to meet them.
5. How do you calmly and effectively deal with a high-stress situation?
When I feel stressed I do not let the client see it. I hold my composure and out of the clients presence I relax my mind by walking or listening to calm music. Usually after I remove myself from the stressful atmosphere I am able to think better and come up with ideas to help me with the stressor.
Fostering client participation and empowerment
6. How do you motivate non-compliant clients?
I motivate non-compliant clients by allowing them to have choices and let them lead the way the conversation goes. Fostering collaboration and developing creative solutions in providing consequences for them being non-compliant is a good strategy. Empathize with the client and the reasons for the non-compliance. I also have experienced that
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