Case Memo Bitter Competition: the Holland Sweetener

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ad |From: |Wei Li (No.2012960642) | |Date: |Jan 20, 2013 | Case Memo Bitter Competition: The Holland Sweetener Company versus NutraSweet - 1. How should Vermijs expect NutraSweet to respond to the Holland Sweetener Company’s entry into the European and Canadian aspartame markets? (1) Baseline: Product: aspartame was a strong substitute of saccharin with better flavor and low calories, especially for diet soft drink. There was no other competitive product at that time. Market: Aspartame had a great potential…show more content…
-2. Specifically, how should Vermijs assess the relative likelihood of the two scenarios— price war and normal competition—he has in mind? (1) Advantage of NutraSweet from value chain | |NS |HSC | |R&D |Hold the patents |Follower | | |Keep innovation and R&D |Less innovation power | |Sourcing |Strong facility investment in US |JV in Japan | | |Enter global market | | | |Outsource in Japan and enter Japan market | | | |M&A by Monsanto with strong capital and other resources | | | |back up | | |Manufacture |Economy of scale |Less of

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