Case Method And Total Patient Care

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Critical Question Set 3 Valentine Nwafor Valdosta State University School of Nursing Nursing 4203 September 15th, 2014 Ms. Youmans

1. Case Method or total patient care is the primeval technique of delivering care to a patient. The principle of the case method is that one nurse is accountable for the complete care for one patient throughout work time. And it is usually to execute by nursing students and classically used in the intensive care unit. Some advantages are autonomy, obvious liability and accountability, holistic and continuous care. Some disadvantages are diverse methods of care, lack of nurse accessibility, and unprofitable (Yoder-Wise). Functional Nursing is a scheme of delivering patient care by collaborating licensed and unlicensed staff member executes precise duties for a huge crowd of patients. This method was popular during World War II as a result of shortage of nurses, and usually used in the operating room. Some advantages are cost-effective and competent, errands are accomplished promptly, inexperienced personnel can be educated to execute one or two explicit responsibilities marvelously, and smallest amount of nurses is needed. Some disadvantages are fragmentation of care, care providers sense uncontested, and…
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