Case: New Belgium Brewing

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Case 4: New Belgium Brewing

One of the Nation’s third-largest craft breweries, based out of Colorado, New Belgium Brewing Company, Inc. (the Company). The Company was founded in 1991, a privately held corporation. Its first operation started off in the basement of Jeff Lebesch (founder). The Company prides itself on its branding strategies “triple bottom line” and social responsibility which focuses on economic, social, and environmental factors. New Belgium’s marketing strategy links the Company’s viewpoint to the quality of its products. The Company continues to support the community, giving back & advocating positive change. However for continued success, New Belgium has to continually analysis its situation in the marketplace,
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The Company must revisit objectives and goals and look into available resources (partnerships). At an external level, facing competition from other types of craft brew products. The Company needs to assess competitor’s strength and weaknesses, gathering data which in turn may provide a “loophole” for New Belgium to target the competitor’s market share. The Company will gather information of potential new customers. Figuring out why do customers select competitor’s product over theirs or what customers want, as tastes and trends are always changing. There will always be regulatory laws and social propaganda of “drink responsibility.”

The recommendation provided to New Belgium is to hone in on the above mentioned environments. The Company, partakes in 1% for the planet, it once invested in wind turbine for their brewery. In fact the Company is the first to have a fully wind-powered brewery. The Company should look in other environmental savvy ways to invest funds, for insistence the growing trend of hybrid/electric. By using these technologies for transportation of their products as they continually expand. The Company can seek out strategic partnerships with other breweries in the areas of proposed expansion and “prototype” their product. In addition analyzing the competitors and customers. New Belgium should continue to make full use of marketing campaigns (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) as there is an increase cultural
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