Case : Odom V. State Department Of Health And Hospital

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Litigation: Odom v. State Department of Health and Hospital Summary A medical malpractice case was filed by Mr. William M. Odom and Mrs. Ramona R. Odom in 1994 against the State of Louisiana through the Department of Health and Hospitals. They lost their fourteen year old adopted son named Joseph Paul Odom (Jojo), who died of hypoxia at the Pinecrest Development Center in Louisiana, due to nursing negligence, on August 19, 1994. Description of the Case Joseph was born twelve weeks prematurely in Pineville, Louisiana on June 14, 1979 with a congenital birth defect of hyaline membrane syndrome. He had first episode of seizure when he was six weeks old. His sixteen year old mother left him for adoption right after his birth. He was placed in a couple of foster homes, before he was admitted to the Pinecrest Development Center on January 27, 1984. He was then adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Odom, on January 29, 1993. He was non-verbal and non-ambulatory, spastic quadriplegic and hydrocephalic. He had a history of asthma, and respiratory distress. Due to congenital malformation of his head, neck and trachea he suffered from obstructive apnea. He was mentally retarded with an IQ of 4 and mental age of 2 months. He could respond to his name, and was able to recognize familiar people. He was on G Tube feeding since he was two years old. He had a trach tube in place for breathing, and a sleep apnea monitor was connected to check his breathing and heart rate, while sleeping or

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