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Odwalla, Inc (A)
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August 18, 2013

Case Odwalla, Inc (A)

Discussion Question

1. What are the key communication issues for Odwalla?
The key communication issues for Odwalla are how it will communicate to its consumers and clients the main point of they still a safe and quality Company of Fresh and Natural juice. The main issue that the company is about retaining its principal clients and consumers. For several years Odwalla has been a solid and sustainable company. The way that this Company must influence is fundamental to keep up with business. I consider that an appropriate way to encourage this value and principals is expresses its support to the people affected and to promote its history as
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3. Does Odwalla appear to have an effective crisis management system in place?
The Company does not have an effective crisis plan to which to follow. All the team of the Company Odwalla are working together to try to handle the main situation. The Company is taking all the decisions at the moment of the crisis.

4. How should a company such as Odwalla go about developing guidelines before a crisis occurs?
Odwalla should create a couples of departments related with internal auditing and quality control to the final inspection of the elaborate juice. The final product must be submitted to the quality department to final control with the intention to prove the quality and to know if the juice conditions still good to sell it. Also Odwalla must build strategy plans which protect the company with this kind of problem. For example here at St. Thomas for international student’s activities outside Campus, the transportation account with an insurance to protect students and the University from any sinister; this action provides safety to the students. Another example is related with the insurance of product such as Apple Care with is an insurance for the cell phone that protect clients from any accident that could happen with the equipment. If something happen with the iPhone they will use the Apple Care to obtain a new or to fix the equipment. Therefore, Odwalla must have a full insurance cover that protect clients and consumers from
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