Case Of The Downs By Jen Sincero

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Case of the Downs In one of Jen Sincero’s writings, You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, she talks about one loving themselves the way they are, and what conflicts with this is people putting themselves down in a lower state of mind. She says, “We invest everything we’ve got in believing that we’re not good enough” (54). After I lost that match, I constantly thought to myself that maybe I am not good enough. It was not the fact that I lost the match, but the way I lost. To get put on one’s back and pinned is the worst way to lose in wrestling. To make it worse, I got pinned in about thirty seconds. After this match I did not quit wrestling. I continued to go to practice and go through…show more content…
Bro constantly gave me a little motivational saying before each match simply saying, “Nobody works as hard as you, you are in better condition, you are sure as hell tougher, now go kick some ass.” Something along those lines at least. These little saying that bro would give me before each match are what helped build up my mental toughness. An athlete that has gone through what Bro and I have gone through, relies on mental toughness to keep them going when the feeling of breaking appears both mentally and physically. In an article Rainer Wieser and Haymo Thiel explain the same idea of mental toughness allowing for factors like achieving or failing in the process of attempting to accomplish a goal. Wieser and thiel explain when someone has reached their final limits “The only difference for their success could depend on psychological components.” I thought I had reached this point of my limits when I lost the wrestling match in about thirty seconds. Once I gained motivation and reorganized my state of mind, I realized I had not reached my limits. Thanks to my Bro, I had gotten my proper motivation that got me back on track for success. I am both physically and mentally a badass. On the Come Up Many people want to be just like the others. They want to fit in and therefore act the way others act. This is the type of shit people need to get out of there head. Everyone is different and it is what makes everyone their own unique selves. If

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