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Abstract Electronic Arts or better known yet as (EA) is known as one of the biggest gaming development companies still around today. Electronic Arts is the organization in which develops markets and distributes the so called EA games. The man behind Electronic Arts Inc is Trip Hawkins who hired designers and programmers to develop EA games as early as 1982. During that time, the company developed only home computing games that laid the foundation of today’s EA games which include the Battlefield series and Need for Speed. EA essentially had a smooth run to become a successful video game business compared to other companies such as Activision who struggled in the beginning. EA today is still one of the biggest successful gaming companies…show more content…
EA has made rough decisions to try and make things work while Activision improved their direction to overtake the lead in the video game industry.
Rivalry among these firms is weakened because the market is fast-growing, the number of firms is great thus diminishing the effect of strong competitive moves, and the product-lines are highly differentiated and appeal to a variety of diverse segments. Porters strategy simply states “An organization that pursues a differentiation strategy seeks to distinguish itself from competitors through the quality of its products or services” (Griffin 211). EA competes with Activision with video games on the basis of differentiation where it shows how EA’s loss of interest of their video game development gained the popularity of Activision as they went along to gain leadership in the video game development world.

3) How would you use the Miles and Snow typology theory to advise Activision Blizzard on the best way to maintain its leadership in the video-game market?

Miles and Snow argued that companies develop their adaptive strategies based on their perception of their environments. It’s broken down into three parts of strategies. The first
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