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PREPARING MARKETING CASES FOR CLASS DISCUSSION, PRESENTATIONS AND WRITTEN ANALYSES Prepared by: Dr. Arjun Chakravarti, Assistant Professor, IIT Stuart School of Business I. BACKGROUND Although cases are based on real events that actually happened, the best way to prepare for cases does not involve conducting research to determine what actually happened. This is because the case situation is often quite different from the corresponding real world events on which the case is based. These modifications or differences are written into the case to help instructors emphasize specific topics or aspects of the situation from which one may generalize marketing lessons. Thus, what really happened is not always the best gauge to a satisfactory…show more content…
For example, it is useful to question the judgments/opinions of people portrayed or quoted in the case. Sometimes what is stated as fact is just opinion or merely speculation. This may provide some perspective to the source of the problem in the organization. Finally, avoid excessively broad and unrealistic problem definitions. For example, even in situations involving the reexamination of a business definition, the problem statement must focus on specific issues such as the definition of customer groups, customer functions or the technologies to be used. Your objective is to learn by exploration, discussion and argument in as logical a framework as possible. As discussed earlier, there are no clear cut solutions or black and white answers. The actions of managers described may or may not illustrate good handling of marketing problems or assignments, good analysis of relevant data etc. You must decide between good and bad. To start you thinking and to get you to explore as many areas as possible, questions are often provided with a case. These are not meant to be limiting. Use your own imagination, knowledge of marketing prionciples, and common sense to determine what is or is not central to solving the case problem. B. Case Analysis The preceding remarks provide some direction in approaching a marketing case. The analysis frameworks discussed in class is a good checklist for organizing your analyses of the cases. You are

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