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A Council of Supply Chain Monogernen’rProfessionols The World"'1: Leading Sourcefor the .'5uppIy (flziiiii Professioii Chabot Wallpaper Company An Academic Learning Case Study written for the Council ofSapply Chain Management Professionals Rodney Thomas, Ph.D. (University of Tennessee) Assistant Professor Georgia Southern University And Stephanie Thomas Doctoral Student Georgia Southern University Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals 333 East Butterfield Road, Suite 140 Lombard, Illinois 60148 USA + 1 630.574.0985 This document is available from our site and provided for your personal use only and may not be retransmitted or redistributed without written permission…show more content…
Therefore, Mr. Miller has hired a consulting company to review the Chabot supply chain and recommend appropriate actions. lndustgg Overview The retail wallpaper industry includes about 8,000 stores with combined annual revenue of $400M. The industry is concentrated with the top 10 retailers accounting for about 90 percent of sales. Retail outlets for consumers include home centers, hardware stores, mass merchandisers, and direct online sellers. Companies like Lowe's, Home Depot, Shenivin Williams, Sears, and 1-800-Wallpaper have substantial market shares in the industry. The number of wallpaper manufacturers has significantly decreased over the past decades. During the 70s when the popularity of wallpaper peaked, there were dozens of manufacturers. Today there are less than 10 manufacturers. Competition is intense as the manufacturers fight for the remaining market share, and consumer preferences and purchasing patterns are impacted by other types of wall coverings such as paint, stucco, and other textured surfaces. Home construction, remodeling trends, and interior decorating preferences drive demand in this industry. The profitability of individual manufacturers depends on effectively merchandising and developing fashionable new items at reasonable costs. The average retail price for a single roll of wallpaper is $16, according to the Paint and
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