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AIC Netbooks: Optimizing Product Assembly INCREASING PRODUCTION BY ALTERING PRODUCT ASSEMBLY Abhishek Mandloi PA 1101 [pic] RAMAIAH INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES Abstract AIC Systems, located in Taichung, Taiwan, is a manufacturer of printed circuit boards, primarily for motherboards and graphics cards for personal computers. The firm is considered an original design manufacturer (ODM) and takes an active role in innovating and designing each new generation of components. By doing in-house design and development, the company has been able to foster exclusive, long-term relationships with its customers. The firm decides to diversify its portfolio to include consumer electronics with a particular focus on mobile technology.…show more content…
|Present | |Production line (Assembly line) |4 |4 | |Length of assembly line |16 meters |16 meters | |Number of stations |10 |10 | |(in each assembly line) | | | |Number of shift |2 |2 | |Working time (in hours) |8 |8 | |Time for brake (in hours) |1 |1 | |Working days in a week |6 |6 | |Workers |10 |10 | |Floaters (Special skilled workers) |2

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