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Kevin Delgado
Case Paper 2
International Marketing

1) What are the competitive strengths of Davila Bond as a company? The company’s competitive strengths include exploiting the principles of the four P’s, which lead the company to their four possible directions. Davila Bond plans on expanding international. When measuring the competitive performance of the company’s efforts and profits, brand loyalty impacts the product or service success. Exploring multiple options during the expansion process provides an opportunity to utilize the current laws and regulation involve with the international expansion. As a company, David Bond has a wide range of competitive strengths that contribute to the success of major sweater exporting.
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Expanding in other Latin American countries preserves the culture of the product or services. The consumer of the goods attitude is comfortable based on the knowledge about the product. Understanding the factors such as technology and communication skills, improves the overall transaction in business deals. Expanding in Mexico would allow the Ecuador Company to exploit the free trade negotiations that Mexico and Ecuador started in 1996. Expanding in United States would be a major disadvantage for the Davila Bond management team due to the competition of the same product being offered in the United States. Brand loyalty is low in America unless your company is in the mature stage of the company’s life cycle. Expanding in Europe will create major increase in their transportation budget relating to the shipment from the product from country to country. The travel time to Europe will create delays and culture boundaries that will impact the success of the company overall goals.

3) What marketing tools and marketing data would you need to accurately make this decision? Using demographics such as age, gender, ethnicity, cultures and values improves the guidelines that you design to utilize the marketing tools toward the decision. Grouping segments of consumers targets the most profitable opportunities. Attitudes and believes of the individuals impacts the performance of the companies operations.
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