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STRATEGY Case for critical analysis
Associated Newspapers Ltd (ANL)–Metro & London Lite

1. What would the SWOT analysis look like for this company?
We have specialized our market focusing in young people, which is hard because they do not usually read newspapers. We have also founded a new newspaper, which is called London Lite, which is mainly designed for women. We have the biggest newspapers sold in the UK, and we have sold 1.1 million copies of our free newspaper, which is now one of the best free newspaper in the UK, and the best one in the world.
Our newspaper is sold in many cities, and around 18 million people.
The newspaper is different from
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Internet plays a huge paper in the news and communication field, due to the fast, free easy and accessible way for everybody to look for the last news.
Because of the increase in the use of the Internet, this information media has become one of the most used information channels over the world. Like everything it has some pros and cons:
On the one hand, if we are in the point of view of the newspaper, we save more because we do not use any kind of paper neither ink, nor machinery so our costs are minimum. Another good fact, that has online newspapers, is that you can read the breaking news at the moments that are posted, without waiting until the next day.
But for people the most important one is that the newspapers are usually free in the
Internet that is why there are more online readers day by day.
Whereas, on the other hand, even though there are not so many bad things we find two of them that are the most important. The first one is that as online newspapers are free for the readers the company that manages the newspaper does not win as much as it should before, so the need more publicity. The other one is that as we said before most of them are free but there are also some those if you want to read the newspaper you have to subscribe to it.

The ways, which we found to encourage the growth of these
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