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Management Strategy Case Questions Case 5: Panera Bread Company 1. What is Panera Bread’s strategy? Which of the four generic competitive strategies discussed in Chapter 3 most closely fit the competitive approach that Panera Bread is taking? What specific kind of competitive advantage is Panera bread trying to achieve? 2. What does a SWOT analysis of Panera Bread reveal about the overall attractiveness of its situation? Does the company have any core competencies or distinctive competencies? 3. What is your appraisal of Panera Bread’s financial performance based on the data contained in case Exhibits 1-2, and 8? How well is the company doing financially? 4. What strategic issues and problems does Panera Bread…show more content…
What does a SWOT analysis reveal about Nucor’s situation? Does Nucor have any core or distinctive competencies? 8. What is your assessment of Nucor’s financial performance the past several years? How strong is the company’s financial condition? 9. Based on your analysis and assessment of Nucor’s situation, what issues does Nucor management need to address? 10. What recommendations would you make to Dan DiMicco? Jet Blue Airways 1. What was David’s Neeleman’s original strategic vision for JetBlue? 2. What were key elements of JetBlue’s strategy in 2008? How has the company chosen to attract customers in sufficient volume to earn profits? How does JetBlue offer its customers value? 3. Are JetBlue’s functional strategies consistent with its overall strategic approach? 4. What policies, practices, and procedures have been developed to execute its business strategy and functional strategies with proficiency? 5. What is your assessment of JetBlue’s financial performance during fiscal years 2003-2007? 6. What are the factors driving change in the airline industry? How are they likely to impact the future attractiveness of the industry? 7. What recommendations would you make to help speed JetBlue’s turnaround and revive its growth in revenues and earnings? Cooper Tire Case: On Blackboard 1. What industry does Cooper Tire operate in? What are the primary competitive forces impacting the industry? 2. What does a SWOT

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