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Philip Andersen Questions Assume that one of Philip’s clients is a married man, aged 36 with two young children, who wishes to reallocate a significant portion of his retirement funds that are currently invested in certificates of deposit. Philip recommends a growth investment, and he identifies the three representative possibilities shown in Table A. Table A Three Investment Alternatives Alternative A Alternative B Alternative C Investment Growth fund from a large investment company Growth fund from Stuart & Co. Exchange-traded fund Load or commission None 5% front-end 3% to purchase 3% to sell Average annual total returns over last 5 years (including management fee) 10.73% 10.62% 11.01% Risk Moderate…show more content…
The sentence “how far he [Philip Anderson] could bend without breaking” shows the challenge of the alone man is important for him. We could feel Philip’s desire to show ethical concerns are at least as important as costs control. Despite the demand of the branch managers to push specific products to be sold in the aim to improve cost control, Philip Anderson tries to resist managing his team with his way. The results of the man are ethically good but don’t in term of achieving budget targets. The cost control of the firm causes negative attitude, resistance and frustration of Philip Anderson because he does not agree with this control system: by managing cost, some ethical dilemmas created by Philip could be lost that is why he shows such a resistance. Then, we cannot say that Philip Anderson is a bad manager. Indeed, by reading the text, despite the new failure of his team which has not reach the targets fixed for them, this man seems to have a strong character, he used to manage a team. In my opinion, his is just not to the right place. The description of this manager suggests that the man could have built and managed his own enterprise. Indeed, we can read that Philip is “individual”, “enjoys being a manager” and he has a lot of experience in the professional word. Moreover, the man thinks of himself that he is “hard-working and loyal employee”... 1. Which of the

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