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Introduction This report’s purpose is to examine the internal and external environments in which GWL Roofing Ltd (GWL) operates. It identifies and analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of various strategic alternatives, makes recommendations, and provides an implementation plan to allow GWL to adopt the recommended strategy. Situational Analysis Current Mission & Vision GWL has no official mission or vision statements, however the implied statements are as follows: Mission To offer superior products and roof management solutions to ICI customers in Central and Eastern Canada and North Eastern US at premium prices. Vision To be the leading provider of total roof management solutions. External Environment A thorough…show more content…
An analysis of this alternative follows: PROS: • Preference of Pierre Laroche • $567K R&D costs from 2008 can be capitalized • Obtain first mover advantage and establish a reputation in the market prior to entry of competitors • Societal trend towards green products ensures attractiveness to environmentally-friendly customers • North American green-roof market will double over the next five years with growth at 10% yearly for the following 15 years • GWL’s green-roofing product will endure Canadian winters • Technologic advancements will allow GWL to maintain high-quality product offerings • Ontario and Quebec lead the country in green-roofing, exhibiting high product acceptance in current areas of operation (Appendix 4 ) • Government incentives encourage installing green-roofing • Toronto’s recent bylaw requiring green roofs on new commercial development from 2010 establishes a customer base and sets an important precedent for other cities . • Economic advantages include reduced energy costs, greater life expectancy and lower maintenance costs • Environmental advantages include improvements to water/air quality and increased biodiversity CONS: • High marketing ($500K) and on-going R&D costs ($250K yearly) •

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