Case Report: Hms Pinafore

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Part 1: Executive Summary In order to immediately initiate the activities required for the organization and execution of the performances at the Talbot Theatre, scheduled to take place from Jan 13th and Jan 22nd next year, I, as a president of Gilbert and Sulivan (G&S) Society of the University of Western Ontario, approved the budget for the amount of $28,000. This society has relied on Francis Venden Hoven to organize and produce this event. Francis will have to hire 40% of the cast and crew, some musicians, a publicity director and a set designer and the society will provide the musical director and 60% of the crew and cast from volunteer students and community. The budget cover all the basic supplies needed, publicity costs,…show more content…
Even though he cannot make some of the tough financial decisions until having the budget, he certainly can figure out how would be those decisions and so have some time gained until then. Following the September 5th meeting, below the list of the key activities in a form of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), to easily identify the tasks and subtask to be achieved: Statement of Work for the project (SOW): Organize and execute the activities involved so the HMS Pinafore performance take place on Talbot Theater from Jan 13th to Jan 22nd, 1994 at short possible time and small possible cost ensuring the quality of the stages. Work Breakdown Structure Activity | Activity Description | 1. | Get the budget approved | 2. | Program and advertising | 2.1. | Hire public director | 2.2. | Nail down names of cast, crew and orchestra | 2.3. | Get photos and biographies of cast and crew | 2.4. | Enter the info into the computer program | 2.5. | Get the info printed | 2.6. | Develop advertising plan | 2.7. | Performance advertising | 2.8. | Tickets sales | 3. | Set, crew and cast | 3.1. | Hire a set designer | 3.2. | Advertise in the student paper to attract volunteers for crew | 3.3. | Hire production crew | 3.4. | Set designed and built (before costume parade) | 3.5. | Training the production crew (volunteers) | 3.6. | Advertise for a cast audition | 3.7. | Arrange to audition and choose the cast | 4. |

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