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MBA5241E - Winter 2013
Managerial Accounting Information and Decision
Case Analysis

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1. Background
The London Public Library is an organization spanning the city of London, delivering services from 16 physical locations. The core services of the library include reference, reader’s advisory and referral; collections and lending; technology services; programming and community outreach. The library is focused on literacy, learning, culture/leisure/recreation, information and community meeting place. The past few years have seen significant resources pegged towards fund raising strategies, resulting in other areas of the organization being neglected and
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For our organization, the evaluation of the operating effectiveness and the efficiency of the internal wheels of the library while offering various services to the community measure the alignment of our internal processes. The objectives for the internal process perspective are increasing service efficiency, service effectiveness and external communications quality and correlate to strong indicators are needed to measure these objectives. “Number of Holds” is used to measure activity of materials moving in the system. This metric has no relation to library’s efficiency hence; this indicator is weak in measuring the objective. In this case, we should use “Customer Request Turnaround Time” to measure the employees’ service efficiency in handling hold request made by the customers.
“Number of programs”, “Number of program attendees”, “Attendees per program” are used to measure the capability of the library to offer a broad base of programs to the community. “Number of programs” is a good indicator to measure our ability to offer a large number of diverse programs. “Attendees per program” assesses the popularity of different types of programs currently being offered, which can help us identify whether the services we are offering is appealing to the customer. However, “Number of program attendees” is a weak indicator, since it variation could have very diverse reasons
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