Case Report On Reckless Driving In The City Of Belle Plaine

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On 11/06/2017 at about 17:01 hours I was dispatched to a report of a reckless driver in the area of Union St and Line St in the City of Belle Plaine. As I made my way to the area dispatched advised a silver van was seen smoking on the side of the road and a female was standing outside of it yelling. A second vehicle was reportedly leaving the area northbound on Line St.
I began to make my way to the area and Belle Plaine Police Sgt. Barry advised he was out with a silver Dodge Neon at the rail road tracks at 8th and Line St. At this point he said he had contacted the driver of the Neon and did not believe there had been an accident. He advised me to disregard.
At about 17:05 hours dispatch advised they had received a 911 call from the
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She said she feared the vehicle would run into her and she was afraid for her life so she executed an evasive maneuver. Webster said the Neon stopped just short of impact and the driver backed up, then turned while suddenly accelerating to drive off. She said she watched as the Neon stopped and she said she saw someone get out of the Neon, reach into the back seat, and then get back into the driver's seat. She said at this point the Neon turned to come back. As far as I could tell this entire incident occurred in or around the intersection of 100th Ave and Line Rd.
She said she was afraid the driver would come back so she left towards the City of Belle Plaine to go the police station. I asked her which part of her vehicle she thought was going to be impacted and she said she thought the Neon was aiming at her front end and driver's door area. When asked she said she wanted to press charges.
I later spoke to Michelle Webster's daughter, Annabeth Denise Webster, and she told me the same story. She said she was with her mother in their van heading home when a silver car tried to run into them. She said at one point the driver got out of the car, reached into the back seat, and then got back in the car. She said she thought the entire incident was intentional because the other car stopped and waited for them to close in before accelerating at them very quickly.
I decided to contact Sgt. Barry to gather information.
I met with Sgt. Barry and he
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