Case Report : Peg Tube Migration Associated With Acute Pancreatitis

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Case report: PEG tube migration associated with acute pancreatitis Amer hawatmeh, Anas Al-khateeb Abstract
Context: Association between PEG tube dislodgement with acute pancreatitis was cited in the literature, presumptively due to obstruction of the Ampulla of Vater. Case: We reported a case of PEG tube migration into the duodenum with associated acute pancreatitis. Conclusion: recognition of the possibility of disturbed biliary flow in the setting of PEG tube migration to the duodenum as possible predisposing factor in acute pancreatitis in patients with PEG tube. Case report
A 76 year old Hispanic female, with past medical history of Alzheimer dementia, functional quadriplegia, oropharyngeal dysphagia with a 24 Fr PEG tube placement one year prior, coronary artery disease, hypertension, peripheral vascular disease, hypothyroidism, and dyslipidemia. Patient had a prior episode of acute pancreatitis few months earlier without a clear cause and no history of cholelithiasis or alcoholic use. Sent from a nursing home for acute onset of abdominal pain of one day duration. It was associated with non-bloody non-bilious vomiting, without associated change in bowel habits, fever, or fever. Medications included Tylenol, cilostazol, Plavix, diltiazem, insulin lispro, levothyroxine, mirtazapine, simvastatin, esomeprazole, and magnesium hydroxide. On exam patient was stable except for tachycardia, she was not in acute distress, PEG tube was noted in place. Hemoglobin was…
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