Case Review : Alcohol Use Disorder, Severe

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In addition to stimulant use disorder, Dan also meets criteria for F10.20: Alcohol Use Disorder, Severe. To meet criteria for this diagnosis, as with stimulant use disorder, Dan must present with at least 6 symptoms outlined in the DSM-V for alcohol use disorder, severe (APA, 2013). Dan is taking drinking large amounts of alcohol with unsuccessful efforts to control his drinking. He craves alcohol and its use affects both his relationships and work obligations. Dan is consistently driving under the influence of alcohol, placing him in hazardous situations. Lastly, Dan’s drinking creates psychological negative emotions post drinking (APA, 2013; Orlovsky & Fleck, 2006). Due to the comorbid nature of substance abuse and other mental health…show more content…
While Dan clearly recognizes the need for change, and has drawn connections between his drug use and consequences, motivational interviewing strategies would help elicit change by highlighting ambivalence (Van Wormer & Davis, 2018). Due to Dan’s education and intellect, this approach provides the ability for him to be actively involved in his own change process and personally work through his own resistive barriers. Solutions-focused therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques give Dan the ability to work through negative thoughts and reactions, while working towards achieving goals that help sustain sobriety. For example, by the end of the movie, Dan was on a hiatus from work, leaving a potential goal of regaining employment or taking on new job opportunities, such as writing (a previous interest). Continued drug use and consequences, potentially initiated by negative thoughts and behaviors, may directly impact a progression to identified growth areas. Van Wormer & Davis (2018) highlighted the notion that Solutions-focused therapy is about changing one’s reality, and combining this with strategies to realign thought processes would move Dan towards positive future endeavors in sobriety. Lastly,
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