Case Review Of Microsoft's Human Resource Management

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The purpose of this essay is to analyze the latest news of Microsoft’s restructuring plan in order to understand whether Human Resource Management is for people with the help of its functions. According to Byars and Rue (2006), “Human Resource Management (HRM) is defined as a system of activities and strategies that focus on successfully managing employees at all levels of an organization to achieve organizational goals and to manage the workforce of the organization’s human resources”.

According to Decenzo and Robbins (1994), “Human Resource Management is a process of procuring, developing and maintaining the performance level of the employees to achieve the organizational goals in an efficient and effective manner”. The HRM practices of recruiting and selecting employees, training them for their job, evaluating their
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According to Hussain, Wallace and Cornelius (2006), “recruitment and selection is the process of finding, attracting and hiring or choosing the best-qualified individual from the available applicants to the right job”. The recruitment can be either internal or external, i.e., to either fill a job vacancy from within the existing employees in the company or to hire someone from outside the company. As Microsoft aims at reorganizing the sales team, certain positions are being considered for elimination. Therefore, the HR department of Microsoft would perform job analysis and evaluation in order to see what skills are required for that particular job and then recruit and select the employees. This could also be done by repositioning the existing employees after evaluating their skills and efficiency. Furthermore, the HRM of Microsoft would help the employees to adapt to the changes made to their positions or face elimination in order to “align the workforce with that of the company and to be an excellent contributor to the company” (Edward L. Gubman,
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