Case: Right Management Consultants Succeeds by Managing Change

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Case: Right Management Consultants Succeeds by Managing Change

Question 1: What are the challenges faced by Right when the downsizing effort no longer is a popular human resource strategy?

One of the main challenges that the Right company will have to face when downsizing effort is no longer a popular human resource strategy is quite simply finding a new strategy that will work. In finding a new strategy one must take the strategic approach to HRM. In the strategic approach to HRM there are six key elements that are essential for HR managers to consider:

- recognize the impact of the outside environment

- recognize the impact of competition and the dynamics of the labor market

- has a long range focus

- focuses on the …show more content…

If Right could improve the qualities mentioned in the previous sentence on their HR crew they will be much better prepared with the tools necessary to combat a changing world.

Case: Polaroid—A Hard Landing

Question 1: What had been Polaroid’s overall growth strategy? How did this affect its HR planning and strategy?

Polaroid’s overall growth strategy was to be the number one and only instant photography company through the invention of it’s own technology in its own laboratories. “Growth objectives are a key part of an organization’s overall strategic plan. Almost all strategic plans deal with the size the company wishes to be in the future” (Human Resource Management pg. 110). One of the ways in which Polaroid planned to be the only instant photography company—in turn would also make it the greatest—was through 533 patents. “Polaroid is still characterized by many as a company that hold too tight a grip on its patents” (Human Resource Management pg. 130). Polaroid’s strategic plan was always to stick with their one invention, improve on it’s technology, and target the sole market. This affected HR planning and strategy because Edwin H. Land did not want to enter other markets; Land wanted Polaroid to be about instant photography. The decision to stay in only one market affected HR from doing what they are suppose to do. It prevented them from being creative or innovative.

Question 2: Whose fault is it when employment declines, as

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