Case Riview: Malaysian Legal System

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15thFebruary 2010

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i) Strait Settlements
Reception of English Law
Kamoo v

In the Goods of Abdullah

Pf, a native from
Bengal, had agreed in June
1806 to be employed by the
Df, as a
“khidmuggur” or a table servant in
Penang at a salary of $6/mnth.
since his employment, the Pf had been severely ill-treated by the Df.
On July 20, 1907, the Pf was whipped
20 times with a rattan by an order by the Df. Pf complained to the
Police Magistrate,
Df was angered and ordered Pf to be confined and caused the Pf to be tied up to a stake & had him whipped a
100(x), placed Pf under confinement for 2 months and finally dismissed
Pf’s service.
A Muslim, who died in Penang,
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That law, when applied to the various races here, is subject to modifications as are necessary to prevent it from operating unjustly
& oppressively on them. The court held that despite the acceptance of its religious nature according to
custom, for the purpose of the law in
(which applied to the ‘colony’ of Singapore) the devise did not have a “charitable” object & that being so the devise is void. It is immaterial
W hether the whether Penang applying the devise of two was regarded as law of plantations to be reserved as a ceded or settled England, the a burial place territory because devise was there was no void as being for the deceased and trace of any laws contrary to his family and having been the English another devise established there common law for purpose of before it was against performing acquired by the creating EIC. The law of perpetuities religious ceremonies England must be were valid as a taken to be the gift for law of the land in charitable so far as it is applicable to the purposes. circumstances of the place and

Isaac Penhas
v. Tan Soo

Leong &
Anor v. Lim
Bean Chye

Lim Kia Joo (the testator) died on
19th November
1936, leaving a will. Seng Djit Hin
v. Nagurdas
s & Co.

Appellant sued the respondent in the
Supreme Court of the S.S for the price of goods sold
& delivered. The

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