Case Scenario Of The United States ' Criminal Center Emergency Room Under Baker Act

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Case Scenario T.R. is a 69 year old, Caucasian female with a history of schizophrenia who presented to University Hospital Medical Center Emergency Room under Baker Act for recent suicidal attempt. According to the Baker Act report, she ran out of her retirement facility, trying to be hit by vehicles. She suffered a slight injury to her right ankle, as the slightly slightly hit her in an effort to abruptly stop the vehicle. She verbalized to police officers she wanted to die. She reported that peers in her retirement community learned about her history and had been gossiping about her. She reported increased paranoia due to this. She was hospitalized in the same psychiatric unit two months ago, after she was diagnosed with depression. Patient states the reason she was diagnosed with depression is because her two sons are not willing to talk to her. She states that she is separated and living without her family in an Assisted Living Facility. As per patient and chart review, the patient was born and raised in New Jersey and moved to South Florida. The patient currently lives in a retirement home and had to move several times to the different Assisted Living Facility, due to her paranoia and delusional behavior. She is currently retired and reports that she used to work from home as a home health aide. She has two sons and tries to maintain a good relationship with them, but denies any contact with them. She reports the biggest stressor is basically a relationship with her
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