Case Scenario With Anxiety And Depression

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Maggie Thomas

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

October 8, 2016

Case Scenario

A 20-year-old client name Tyler is struggling with anxiety and depression. Tyler complains of a nervousness and possible panic attacks when he knows his parents will be around each other. Tyler reports he think his dad cheated on his mom 15 years ago which resulted in the divorce that happen 10 year ago. Tyler seems to not have a clear understanding of what happening with his parents and could be making the situation worse in his head. The client had no previous diagnosed of depression or anxiety before now. The client goes on to tell the case worker he was raised by his mother who struggle financially. Tyler has realized his mother has easy influence him to have a certain judgement towards his father. He now realizes it has affected his relationships with his father. The parents never seemed to talk to their son about the divorce or about each other. Tyler reports that he feels like he lives two different live between the dad and the mom. Tyler reports being stressed out when it comes to family situations and it only progressed over years. Tyler reports feeling stuck between the two parents and feeling responsible.

Brief Literature Review Over the past few decades, divorce rate has been raising. The current risks of divorce in the United States are higher than any other western country (Schoen, Canudas-Romo. 2006). It not only…

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