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Case Scenarios BUGusa, Inc LAW/421 Contemporary Business Law Scenario: WIRETIME, Inc., Advertisement Has WIRETIME, Inc., committed any torts? If so, explain. WIRETIME, Inc., has committed a tort which is “a civil wrong where one party has acted, or in some cases failed to act, and that action or inaction causes a loss to be suffered by another party” (Melvin, S.P., 2011, p. 208). Tort was committed, because WIRETIME, Inc., made a statement, that will hurt the Bugusa, Inc., reputation. The statement made is called defamatory statement which is “A false and defamatory statement concerning a party’s reputation or honesty, or a statement that subjected a party to hate, contempt, or ridicule. In order to qualify as…show more content…
In the scenario Walter clearly used coercion when he threatened to hurt Steve if he didn’t tell him everything. In addition, Steve was detained for six hours and although there are case by case exceptions, we feel that it was an excessive amount of time. In our opinion, it is clear that Walter committed a tort against Steve. Merchant privileges give businesses certain protection against liability; however certain guidelines should be followed. In this scenario Walter did not act within the established guidelines that would protect the company from any liability. BUGusa may be liable for Walter’s actions if he is considered to be an employee agent. As an employee agent, Walter would be “authorized to transact business on behalf of his employer” (Melvin, 2011, p. 244); thus making BUGusa liable for Walter’s actions against Steve. Scenario: BUGusa, Inc., Plant Parking Lot What defenses may be available to BUGusa, Inc.? Explain your answer. Based on the scenario the most fitting tort in relation to this case would be that of negligence. In this category “one party fails to act reasonably.....causing damages to the other party as a result of the unreasonable conduct”. By law, certain factors need to be proven in order to attribute liability to BUGusa. These elements include the establishment of duty, breach of duty, cause in fact, proximate, and actual damages. If

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