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Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Graduate School of Management Production and Operations Management I Dr. Cecile Santiago Capacity Planning at Shouldice Hospital Submitted by: Caneja, Andrea Nichole Canicosa, Shirly Palma, Nerissa Sajise, Rina Vidallon, Allen TITLE : Capacity Planning at Shouldice Hospital VIEWPOINT : The Hospital Administrator TIME CONTEXT : At Present I. PROBLEM STATEMENT Deciding on ways to meet the unsatisfied demand by expanding the hospital’s capacity, while still maintaining control over the quality of service delivered. How to increase the hospital’s capacity to serve more patients while maintaining control over…show more content…
CONCLUSION DECISION MATRIX Criteria ACA 1 ACA 2 ACA 2 Timeliness 3 2 1 Achievable 2 3 1 Efficiency 3 2 1 Effectiveness/Cost Consideration 2 1 3 Total 10 8 6 Legend: Good - 1 Better - 2 Best - 3 Best ACA is 1 The best possible solution is ACA 1 having a score of 10 in the decision matrix. The operation should be scheduled on Saturday; this solution seems like to the most feasible in terms of cost and time and also leverages the existing strength of the hospital in providing quality services to the patients. Operational Definition: in a timely manner. Achievable: That the company has the resources to take the planned course of action. Efficiency:

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