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Introduction- Issue, Past campaigns, what campaign I’m doing, provide info on whats going to be in the report the structure, and how ill be providing a creative solution. s Illicit drug use is a major problem in Australian culture as a recent study in 2012 by the United Nations has concluded that Australia has the highest rate of recreational drug users in the world (Toohey,2012). An Illicit drug can be defined as “the non-medical use of a variety of drugs which include: amphetamine- type stimulants, cannabis, cocaine, heroin and other opioids, and MDMA (ecstasy) (Hall W, Ross J, Lynskey M, Law M, Degenhardt L.,2000). Australian Governments on all levels including non-governments have been trying to fight this illicit drug problem…show more content…
The reason for there views to legalise Illicit drugs is so that substances may be able to be standardized, the same way in which alcohol is (% of alcohol displayed by manufacturer) which would provide a safer product than those unregulated and dealt in the black market. As well the Government would generate higher levels of income as the black market would be almost eliminated. This further funding may be able to provide assistance to those drug abusers and help fund the Health and social cost associated with illicit drug use e.g. Health care (Ambulances, Rehabilitations, Hospitals), Criminal justice system (Prisons, Judges, police). Another previous Social Marketing Campaign in Australia that received worldwide attention because of its confrontational scare tactic advertisements was the Grim Reaper Campaign. It was televised in 1987 just after the National Campaign Against Drug Abuse was put into effect. The Campaigns goal was to increase the awareness of the risk of Transmission viruses such as HIV/AIDS when it comes to taking illicit drugs with syringes as well as having safe sex. The Campaign was heavily critisied for TALK ABOUT WHY THIS CAMPAIGN WAS CRITISED AND SITE THAT SHIT. Reference Hall W, Ross J, Lynskey M, Law M, Degenhardt L. How many dependent heroin users are there in Australia? NDARC Monograph No. 44. Sydney: National Drug and Alcohol Research
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