Case Studies 6.4 Drug Dilemmas

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1. The price of prescription medicines in the United States derive from the highly regulated FDA guidelines that are needed to guarantee medicines are in fact safe for the consumers. I do not feel anything can be done regarding regulations that are set for patient safety. Yes, drug prices reflect a fair and competitive market. Pharmaceutical companies are in the business to provide treatment/cures to diseases that were considered killers just a few years ago. The high cost is misinterpreted as a greed endeavor. However, what the public fails to understand is that for every ten projects there is one that will provide suitable results. Those eleven projects will cost billions of dollars in R&D. Not to mention that the life…show more content…
4. Assess the motivation of drug companies that test overseas? This question is obvious; Pharma companies need a large sample size for their case studies to treat certain dieses. These companies are providing free treatment to those who participate in the study. Therefore, yes I feel that Pharma companies provide testing to the less fortunate is morally justified. They select prime candidates that may not be able to benefit from medicines that may improve or save their lives. I do not believe that these individuals are being exploited. They are receiving medicines that may not have received. 5. Since I work for a Abbott I know that this question is a false statement and is subject to hostile opinions against the good that Pharmaceuticals companies are providing to human beings and they also provide excellent care to our pets as well (since animal health is also being researched). However, since the assignment is to discuss the questions proposed I will provide my response accordingly. Pharma companies are not declining to sell a product to people based upon profit. The Council Administer of Health negotiates with the pharma companies and will provide an offer of “X” and that is what they will distribute to their population. 6. I have a hard time believing that a company that develops a cure to improve the health and well being of those who are suffering would “refuse” to
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