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Waller Business Law Writing Assignment 3 Spring 2014 3-19-14 Chapter 13: Nebraska Beef, Ltd. V. Wells Fargo Business Credit, Inc. Case Concept Review: 1. How did the court determine that the offer was sufficiently definite? The offer of the Wells Fargo Business Credit, Inc. was submitted to Nebraska Beef in the form of a letter. When Nebraska Beef engaged in accepting a line of credit from Wells Fargo they entered into a written credit agreement that outlined the terms of the line of credit and the over-advance which contained additional and progressive fees for each additional over-advance loan (the amount over the initial credit limit). With…show more content…
Based on the material presented above, why do you believe that the court did not impose a “click” requirement? It does seem as though a ‘click’ requirement would have kept the case out of court, however, as demonstrated in the material and the information provided above, the result would not have been different. Essentially, I believe the court did not impose a ‘click’ requirement because the term notifications are sent to the businesses making the data inquiries and after the data is received notifications for terms of the acceptable use of the data are provided in writing to the businesses. Therefore, by accessing and accepting the data, the actions of the business demonstrate an acceptance to the outlined conditions and therefore no ‘click’ is required. Using the data has certain provisions that are outlined in written notices and companies accepting the data are subject to complying with these provisions. There is an offer to provide the data with provisions for use and acceptance to receive the data and comply with their written acceptable use policy. ~No click necessary. Chapter 15:Louisa W. Hamer v. Franklin Sidway, as Executor, etc. Case Concept Review: 1. What did the nephew promise? The nephew promised to keep from drinking and smoking, swearing, and playing cards or billiards for money until his twenty first birthday in exchange for a payment of $5000 from his uncle. The $5000 was to be paid to the nephew by the uncle after he turned
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