Case Studies: Equity in Academia and More Than a Paycheck

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Case Study Report Your report should attempt the following tasks: i) Discussion of the principles underlying the framework. (Define & explain the theory chosen) ii) A critical evaluation on the application of the framework in actual business context. iii) Relating the framework to an organization of your choice. i) Table of Content ii) Body iii) List of References/Bibliography (Harvard referencing) iv) Appendices (if relevant) Guidelines (1) Your mark in this coursework will carry a 40% weight in the assessment of your overall performance in this module. (2) You will be working on this coursework individually. (3) The report will be in essay format of 1,000 words each, +/- 10% could be accepted. (4) Appropriate Harvard referencing…show more content…
Wilkerson was confused. Agua hadn’t done anything sneaky or immoral—in fact, everything he did was admirable, things she would have liked to do. His trips to the Rat gave him the inside scoop on what to do and whom to talk to, but she couldn’t blame him for that either. She could have done exactly the same thing. They worked equally hard, she thought. Yet Agua already was the highly paid star, whereas she was just another overworked instructor. As she began piling all the books, papers, and journals into her bag, Wilkerson thought about what she could do. She could quit and go somewhere else where she might be more appreciated, but jobs were hard to find and she suspected that the same thing might happen there. She could charge sex discrimination and demand to be paid as much as Agua, but that would be unfair to him and she didn’t really feel discriminated against for being a woman. The university simply didn’t value what she did with her time as highly as it valued what Agua did with his. Putting on her coat, Wilkerson spotted a piece of paper that had dropped out of one of the journals. She picked it up and saw it was a note from Wendy Martin, one of her freshman students. "Professor Wilkerson," it read, "I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk to me last week. I really needed to talk to someone experienced
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