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CASE STUDIES Submitted for course SSC 130 Essentials of Psychology February 20, 2013 Assignment number 05020600 THE CASE STUDY OF: THE FALLEN ATHLETE (P.79) 1. In the story,” The right side of Tim’s body was paralyzed and he was having great difficulty trying to talk”. Thus, it suggests that the left hemisphere of Tim’s brain suffered during his stroke, because language processing occur more in the left side if the brain. In general, the left hemisphere concentrates more on tasks that require verbal competence, such as speaking, reading, thinking, and reasoning. 2. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) technology would be best reveal the location and extent of damage to Tim’s brain produced by his…show more content…
5. Sound is the movement of air molecules brought about by a source of vibration. Skin senses – touch, pressure, temperature, and a pain – play a critical role in survival, making us aware of potential danger to our bodies. Thus, sound and skin senses allowed passengers to detect the aircraft’s motion. For example, ears start to feel weird and heavy pressure on your body. THE CASE OF: THE WOMAN WHO DREAMS OF STRESS (P. 157) 1. If I were her friend, I would tell her that normally there are 4stages of sleep. Stage 1 sleep is the stage of transition between wakefulness and sleep. Stage 2 sleep is a sleep deeper than that of stage 1, characterized by a slower, more regular wave pattern. Stage 3 sleep is a sleep characterized by slow brain waves, with greater peaks and valleys in the wave pattern than stage 2 sleep. Stage 4 sleep is the deepest stage of sleep. Rapid eye movement, or REM, sleep and contrasts with stages 1- 4, which are collectively labeled non – REM sleep. REM sleep usually accompanied by dreams, which – are experienced by everyone during some part of the night. Thus, I would explain her that dreaming is a normal experience during a sleep and people usually dream about their everyday activities. Also, because she has been unable to fall asleep, or waking up frequently over the past

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