Case Studies : Health Law

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Part I—Case Studies
Health Law
Health law is described as the local, state and federal laws, rules, regulations and other jurisprudence that hold jurisdiction over the vendors, payers, and providers of the healthcare industry of the country. It also governs the patients and the delivery models of the healthcare services with a special emphasis on the regulatory, operations and transactional legal issues (, 2016).
The rule 6-14.2 definitions of the Florida bar states it as the legal issues that involve local, state or federal laws, rules and regulations for providers, health care provider issues, legal issues regarding relationships among and between providers, legal issues concerning relationships between payors and providers. One more area that concerns the health laws is the legal issues concerning the delivery of the health care services in the country (, 2016).
American University College of law divides the health law into the 4 categories and that includes health care law regarding treatments, population and the public health law that is mainly focused on prevention, global health law, and bioethics.
Administrative Law
The administrative law of the United States encompasses the directives, common law and statute issued by the Executive office of the President and defines the extent of the responsibilities and powers that are held by any administrative agency in the country and includes independent agencies and executive branch agencies. As
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