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Case Synopsis Mr. Hugh Tudor (55 yrs) is a well-known person in Milville, where he has been living for 30 years. He is involved in lot of social activities and has a reasonable pension and savings. He is becoming restless in his retirement and shows interest in investing in The Leeds Livery, local British pub in Milville, which could provide him with more challenges. While discussing this matter with his friend, he found out that the pub has great potential to perform well as it once exceeded the profit percentage of the industry. Mr. Tudor is in the process of exploring this opportunity but still has several questions rising in his mind. Problem Statement How could Mr. Hugh Tudor increase his retirement income? Or How could Mr.…show more content…
Suppliers have less power because there are a lot of suppliers and they all willing to accommodate and provide discounts for their customers (economies of scale). Threat to new entrants: There is no barrier to entry in this industry but it might be difficult for newcomers to compete against existing well establishing companies. Threat of Substitutes: Few substitutes such as bars for hard liquor, restaurant for food, etc. The threat is low because product sold depends upon customers taste and preference and there is minimal product differentiation. Competition in the industry: Competitors include local small pubs/ bars, family restaurants, other food outlets, etc. There is a lot of competition in this industry from domestic as well as foreign companies. SWOT Analysis of Leeds Livery Strengths Weakness • Location: Since this pub is located close to GO Transit station, which will make it easier for everyone to commute back and forth. • Well known: Since this pub is already well-known amongst many people in Milville so it might not require huge investment in its advertising. • Good reputation: Leeds Livery has a good reputation in Milville because this pub used to participate in lot of community activities. This helps in promoting the business and eventually increasing sales. • Reduce community involvement: This
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