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Products of the ESU 1.1 | Excel Spreadsheet Policies regarding the Excel Spreadsheet a. Analysis The analysis consists of all the collected opinions of the Members regarding the correspondent Case stated. 1) This Information is confidential to the ESU 2) No Member is permitted to share the analysis without the express permission by a; 3) Board Director 1.2 | Case Studies Policies regarding the results of case studies a. Analysis A survey that is conducted within Eastlea School; directed towards teachers and/or teachers regarding an ESU Case. 1) Members are not permitted to disclose Analysis data 2) This data must be presented to the ESU Board Committee 3) Analysis Data may be released to the; 4) Student Council; Governor Committee(s); Leadership Team; And School 5) This must be authorized by a Board Director b. Liaison Alike Analysis, any documented liaison with an Eastlea School teacher is to be kept private to the ESU and must be presented to the ESU Board Committee. However, it may be released to the Student Council, Governor Committee, Leadership Team or School if need be; this must be a permitted action by a Board Director. Section 2. Website Policies 2.1 | ESU Website Policies regarding the ESU Website a. Commenting The commenting system allows students, Members & teachers to express their opinions of the issues or requests. 1) The following items may result in sanctions such as; full suspension of membership within the ESU, temporary
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