Case Studies for Meeting Students Needs

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Case Studies Johnnathan Johnson EDU 620 September 30, 2012 Michael Horn Throughout this six week course, Meeting Individual Needs with Technology, we have researched the spectrums of Assistive Technology available for the individual and the classroom, and researched the different types of disabilities and how the Assistive Technology can aid students in navigating life and succeeding as individuals. Case Study #1 Emily is a five-year-old female student who is visually impaired. Emily has low vision and has some independence. She is able to see letters and numbers with amplification. In the past, Emily has been enrolled in a Head Start class with typical peers. Emily experienced great success in her preschool…show more content…
Sources online are available, such as National Braille Factory, amongst many others. Braille with be a huge part of her future and the earlier she is able to take advantage, then the better for her future in education. Another Assistive Technology to assist Emily in textbook and classroom materials accessibility would be the Handheld Video Enlargement Device, which is a portable vision enhancer that Emily can use to assist with visual fields that she otherwise would be limited to seeing due to limited visual capacities. The Florida School of Deaf and d Blind, described it as follows, “Handheld Video Enlargement Devices are easily carried with little stress or restraint, often times fitting into purses or backpacks. They offer additional light sources with varied background and foreground color choices to optimize figure or ground contrasts. They have additional light sources and built in writing stands and various zoom capabilities,” (FSDB 2011, January 9). A device like this, portable and affordable, would be a good investment for Emily’s future, and can give her immediate and easy access to vision field adjustments that would allow her to see images that otherwise would be invisible with her limited visual capacities. In the textbook, author’s states,
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