Case Study#6 - the Social Agency

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Case Study #6 – The Social Agency– “Managing Performance Through Training and Development” – Page 354 Questions: 1. What information should be collected and from whom should it be collected? The information that is collected is information based on knowledge, attitude and behavior. The evaluation should be done to see if the trainee’s knowledge has increased due to the training, or if the information provided to them during the training has helped them expand on the knowledge that they already have. In the case of the social agency, the evaluation should look at if the managers were able to learn the key methods of encouraging and supporting the employees. The trainee’s attitude towards the training process and the intended…show more content…
The time frame gives managers enough time to practice when they have learnt. Those who have not applied what they have learnt are called back and given more training. The information can be collected through surveys, or self-evaluations. It can also be collected from direct observation of the training or of the weeks following the training. Information can also be collected during the training by observation. The trainer or a third party can observe the behavior or attitudes of the managers during the training. Managers can also be given a self-evaluation to conduct at the end of the training to identify which areas they needed improvement and what they have learnt during the training. The evaluation can also ask for situations in which the managers can apply what they have learnt and how they can apply it, such as case study, role-playing. 3. What should the criteria for “effectiveness” be? The criteria should be reaction, learning, behavior, and results. The criterion is reaction and it is to identify how the trainees felt about the training. Did they feel that this training is important and did they understand the benefits of the training. The next criterion is learning and it is to evaluate how much the trainee has learnt. This can be done by post-test & pre-test methods. The third criterion is behavior, and it is used to identity how much the training has helped in changing
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