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Case study # 2: The apple of your “I” This case study will describe why Apple Inc. is a very successful company and has become the second largest public company in the world. It all started in the 1980's when Apple started producing home computers. This helped those who were full-time students and workers by also producing a particular computer, the Macintosh computer. However, in 1985 Steve Jobs lost against the Apple board, and because of the unfortunate negative outcome of the meeting, Steve found a positive outlook from the situation. He then founded another PC company called NeXT while Apple took a turn for the worst. In 1996 Apple reconnected with Steve and bought his NeXT Company and gained the technology that would later help…show more content…
Steve Jobs played the founding role for Apple. The public liked these new gadgets because of their "cool" accessories and sleekness. The iPod could hold thousands of songs and came in many different colors and sizes, and the iPhone had a screen that would rotate when turned sideways and also had a full touch screen keyboard. He set the foundation for Apple to continue to build off of, with the IPhone, iPad and MacBook’s. Apple can continue to improve those products for a good long while. Steve Jobs made Apple a household name to where almost every person somehow uses some form of an Apple product Apple could respond to Steve Jobs death by encouraging that Apple will continue to remain the way Steve Jobs ran the company I have and will continue to Invest in Apple even without Steve Jobs. I also feel like Apple will continue to successful without Steve Jobs because Apple will still be using the same tactics as if Jobs was still alive, mainly because having an unbeatable product is part of the culture Jobs created in Apple. Apple may change a bit but Apple always seem to make every product almost irresistible, even if it really serves almost no purpose. Their products that they offer are very well manufactured and their customer service is top-notch too. Apple has amazing products and I believe they will continue to have them for a while. Q4. Microsoft took an early lead in the development of slate devices (like the iPad), and it the world’s leading

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