Case Study: “the Hollywood Film Industry and the Role of Knowledge Network Organization”

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1. Characterise the advantages of independent film making.

New faces have been introduced. Actors can step outside typical typecast roles. Based on one’s creativity. Low-budget film making. Allows the artist to circumvent excessive studio control on their projects Directors can craft their own unique vision. Writers can often see their scripted vision through the entire development process. Did not have permanent staff and would bring people together to make a film on short term contract basis.

2. Compare the industry network of Hollywood with that of the motor sport valley in the United Kingdom

a) Industry network of Hollywood. A project-based enterprise. Has develops a wide range of skills and
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To make a film, resources is required and a financial backer is involved (i.e. the producer) who is responsible for getting the film made. The artistic and creative input lies with the director and is separate from the financial responsibilities that lie with the producer. If it is the big budgeting films, many temporary crews may be needed. A film company employs all its workers just like other companies did. The producer and director use both their social networks and work networks to locate the necessary skills as well as appoint leading players responsible for appointing all the necessary crews required.
Although these crews meant for temporary work only, their skills are most needed during the production stage of film shooting. The crews’ employment rise as the production begins. On the pre-production and post production stage, only several crews’ needed depending on their skills. At the end of making the film the organisation formed for this purposes ceases to exist, leaving no fixed assets and no structure for continued learning.

4. If the organisation is dissolved after completing the making of the film what happens to the skills and competencies learn and developed?

Learning and sharing of knowledge is undertaken during these periods. Actors and actresses in demand, after completing a film shoot, they will moved to another film project a long time before the film is

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