Case Study 1 Florida Department Of Management Services Essay example

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Case Study 1: Florida Department of Management Services, Part I Gwendolyn Harris Strayer University
CIS 505/ Week 4 Case Study

Introduction In the early 1990s, the Florida Department of Management Services (DMS) had built up a large information systems network that served state government agencies in 10 regional sites and connected these to the data center in Tallahassee. The network was based on the use of the proprietary Systems Network Architecture (SNA) from IBM and a mainframe at the data center that housed most of the applications.
1. Analyze the security mechanisms needed to protect the DMS systems from both state employees and users accessing over the Internet.
Two security mechanisms needed to
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IPSec guarantees that all traffic designated by the network administrator is both encrypted and authenticated, adding an additional layer of security to whatever is provided at the application layer. Similarly, whether other industries give rise to spheres in which competition takes place in open, intellectual-property-free spaces depends on various factors including the existence in a space of companies with proprietary solutions and the presence of technologies so complex they are vulnerable to inadvertent patent infringement. (Alexy, O., & Reitzig, M. (2012).
2. Critique the transition process performed by the DMS in the case study. Then, recommend two (2) alternatives to the IP infrastructure or applications not already mentioned in the case study. What is there to critique? All DMS did was install some routers and configured them. Can someone please help with this?
Maturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are able to integrate business systems with building management systems for improved management controls (such as consolidated dashboard-type reporting). Driven by business requirements for resource efficiencies and management by
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