Case Study 1 Motivation

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1- In the first paragraph: “…were substituted by new “fresh * enthusiastic”…” Job Engagement Motivation Theory –Because these new managers are fresh and enthusiastic they have a higher probability of being engaged with their jobs, and therefore more motivated In the middle of the second paragraph: “Felt angry and unfair…” Equity Theory- Discussed in question no. 2 In the second paragraph: “Mr. Armaghani gave them an offer…” Reinforcement Theory- The stimuli–employees sadness- is followed immediately by a reward –incentive- which motivates the employees to repeat the behavior. In the second paragraph: “It was an output bonus…” Equity Theory- Mr. Armaghani tried to balance their output to input ratio by giving the two unhappy…show more content…
If the problem is in the reward-personal goal relationship the manager should try to understand what reward is aligned with the person’s personal goal, and try to provide such a reward for him. The manager should try to change unsatisfied employees’ perception of output to input ratio. He/she can remind them of their examples of poor performances in the past (if ther is any) compared to Ms.Motamedi and try to persuade them that the selection process have been just. Manager can explain to them that Ms. Motamedi has a much heavier responsibility now and therefor his input is more than the other team members. Manager can explain to them it’s the new CEO’s strategy to bring new faces in and he should comply with it as one of middle managers, and how he has tried to keep everybody safe by choosing this new face by reorganizing the existing people. He can also remind them that they receive more than many others, and in this way try them to rationalize this new condition for them. However it may be that managers are constrained in how much they can affect distributive and procedural justice because of formal organizational policies or cost constraints. Impersonal and Informational justice are less constrained by these mechanisms. (Robbins and Judge,2015: p205)Manager can explain to them that he could only choose one person for promotion and try to use informational and interpersonal justice to balance the overall
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