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Technology In Healthcare
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Topic: Critically evaluate the use of technology in healthcare and the challenges it presents in healthcare delivery. Offer specific examples or situations addressing technology’s contributions to improving the quality of health and healthcare; consider impact on healthcare costs and analyze trade-offs.
The use of technology in healthcare and the delivery of this technology to healthcare present many challenges, technology contributes to improving the quality of healthcare but it does impact healthcare cost, however there are some trade-offs. “The term “medical technology” refers to procedures,
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2012) Electronic whiteboards in one of the well-known wireless technologies being used in hospitals to help locate patients test results, equipment and room status. (Larsen, Marc G. 2012) Wireless technology is at almost every healthcare organization from my experince, they are as advance as their budget will allow them to be.
Radio Frequency Identification Radio frequency identification (RFID) can help track patients and record their readings, track equipment, and employee location in the hospital. (Larsen, Marc G. 2012) Radio frequency identification is a technology that captures data using electric or magnetic fields at radio frequencies. Depending on the type of radio frequency identification that is being used an individual can be tracked any where from 10 feet away to 300 feet away, this will allow for both patients and staff to be tracked and or monitored. The three main things radio frequency identification is used for is tracking, monitoring, and identification. This technology can also help improve speed of lab test and monitoring and logging of temperature for refrigerated storage. (McGrady, Elizabeth. 2012)
This technology is capable of helping organizations decrease cost, but will require a big investment up front. A possible way that this can help save cost would be by tracking expensive equipment and most commonly used

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