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Case Study 1: Statistical Thinking in Health Care Emily Strauss Professor Jamey Ludwig Business Statistics November 2, 2015 HMO’s pharmacy faces a liability issue with incorrect prescriptions being issued to customers. This situation stems from an issue with the processes in place to minimize this risk. The suppliers of pharmaceutical medications is HMO Pharmacy. Inputs are prescriptions written by doctors for patients.Process steps include receiving a prescription which gets read and interpreted by a pharmacist, handed off to an assistant to fill. The filled prescription then is distributed to customers. HMO’s process has little for quality control in place for these prescriptions. If the pharmacy can identify…show more content…
When there is a question pharmacists must be available for consultation with technicians. An open atmosphere in the pharmacy and air of understanding would contribute to more accurate prescriptions and fewer refills due to error also saving the business money in the long term. One way to ensure consistency is to have the pharmacist use a database to track what they had originally deemed was the interpreted prescription note from the doctor. The information collected may help to identify if there is a need to change hours of technicians and pharmacists or hire additional help. The data may alternatively identify training opportunities among staff. Whenever there is an issue with an incorrect prescription there must be a consequence such as documented training or collaboration with someone who can assist in correcting the errors. The coaching will eliminate errors in the future because the correct processes will be followed. With data to present to employees it makes the message of quality real and something that is measurable. With a statistic to move, employees are likely to band together for success. Having the data to back up specific issues then employees will also have better direction from management to fuel change. It is critical to have 100% accurate prescriptions from HMO Pharmacy for the business to survive and stay competitive (Manasse, J. R., 2012). The business must minimize risk to customers from errors made in the

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